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Merchant Solutions

Payment Processing Made Easy!

We not only do websites. We offer a full line of payment processing products, for ONLINE & IN STORE payments, provided by TSYS®. Whatever the size of your business, whatever your industry, TSYS® has payment processing solutions to fit your specific needs. And we are the representatives that can get you started!

We develop payment platforms for online services on a daily basis! We know the ins & outs of the industry and have been providing payment processing to our customers for over ten years. We have the knowledge, experience, and customer service you desire for your merchant services.

Our partnership with TSYS® also provides us with the means to offer our customers with low industry rates. We will work with you and with TSYS to make sure you get the best rate.

We don’t bundle! We make sure you get the best rate for each and every transaction and never bundle. This lowers your rate significantly. Bundling, such as flat rate systems, over charges debit and standard credit cards by at least 1% and up! This is a significant loss to your gross revenue. We understand that processing takes up a good chunk of your gross profits. We want to reduce those fees as low as possible to increase your gross revenue.

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Solutions by Industry

The right payment solution is not the same for every business. There are complicated choices to be made based on your type of business, the correct rate schedule, and proper equipment. For instance a consumer retail store & a business to business retail store need a different rate schedule and equipment in order to get the lowest rate for credit card processing. Let us cut through all this red tape for you! We will quote you based on the rates and equipment that will be suit your operation.

Get Your Quote Today!

Calculate Your Current Rate

Easily find out what your effective rate is using the calculator below. If your rate is above 2.25% it is worth getting a quote. If not, you have a great rate! If you still want to switch we provide excellent customer service and look forward to being of service!

Total Monthly Processing: (Total $$$ you processed in one month)

Total Monthly Fees:

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Why do you need my statement?

Why we need your statement.

Your current statement has important information that tells us a LOT about your business. The types of cards you take, the average sale, keyed or swiped, types of services, leases, volume & much more. We need this information to make sure that we are putting you in the right rate schedule or classification for your business. Reviewing this information gives us the ability to customize your payment processing specifically for your business.Lowering your rates overall.

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