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A Facebook Tip for Business Page Owners

December 19, 2017 | AUTHOR: Beverly Mangrum |CATEGORY: Uncategorized

You may have seen people posting messages on Facebook asking you to comment on their post to be sure you see future posts from them. Although that might help, it’s not the entirety of what you need to do to ensure your important clients, friends and prospects see the posts on not only your Facebook Business Page but also your regular profile. You see, Facebook has created some new algorithms that essentially are for keeping your News Feed clear of what might be considered ‘spammy’ posts. Unfortunately, in doing this they have kept you from seeing all the posts from your favored businesses and friends. In order to see posts from these valued small businesses you like, and your friends, you must take a couple of steps to approve seeing all of their posts. On a business page, click “Following” and hover over it. You will see “Default” checked in the News Feed Area. Change that to “See First” if you want to receive all posts in your News Feed from that business. The same goes for your friends.

As a business, you may have noticed your ‘reach’ has diminished recently, and this is why. You must also ask your clients, prospects and friends to do this for YOUR Business Page if they want to continue to see ALL of your posts, not just those Facebook determines are important by Default.

I hope if you see this post, you will practice these steps above on my page, @PPwixWebServices, so that you will see other future posts that will help you with your Social Media Experience and Business Tips.

For further information concerning this subject check out the following link on Facebook Help Center:  https://www.facebook.com/help/1188278037864643

Beverly Mangrum

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